Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Evening's Empire's Top Tracks of 2014: 50 - 11

2014. *stands back and claps*....what a genuinely incredible year in music this has been; both independent and commercial. There have been so many stunning releases this year; some from artists I would have expected - Ryan Adams' ever growing catalogue of brilliance was extended once more this year with his self-titled album back in September - and some from new acts such as Paul Thomas Saunders & Max Jury who came out of obscurity to become some of my favorite artists of the year.

I have found myself getting more involved in the music industry in 2014 too; starting a new music label called My Little Empire Records. Lots of exciting news on that front will be coming in the next few months. This project has led me further down the rabbit hole into new and emerging music; something which I couldn't have done without the following: Tom Robinson's weekly BBC Introducing podcasts, amazing bloggers such as Goldflakepaint, When the Gramophone Rings & Breaking More Waves, Daisy Digital's ever brilliant weekly mixtapes, as well as any music blogger's trusted sources in Hype Machine Amazing Radio.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you my top 50 tracks of the year. I hope you find something here that you love.

50. Laura Marling - Short Film
49. Scott Matthews - Sunlight
48. Jamie T - Zombie
47. Rhodes - Home
46. Laurel - To The Hills
45. Olympians - Brunch Cannon
44. Beck - Blue Moon
43. Eliza & the Bear - Friends
42. The Travelling Band - Passing Ships
41. Jungle - Busy Earning

40. Ben Khan - Youth
39. Roo Panes - Tiger Striped Sky
38.The Barr Brothers - Even the Darkness Has Arms
37. Colleagues - Tears
36. Our Mother - Lion OX
35. Rae Morris - Closer
34. Lisbon - Native
33. Phox - Slow Motion
32. First Aid Kit - Master Pretender
31.The Sea & I - The Island

30. Billie Marten - Ribbon
29. Tenterhook - Stereo
28. Corbu - We Are Sound
27. Benjamin Shaw - You & Me
26. Bear's Den - Elysium
25. Alt J - Warm Foothills
24. FKA twigs - Two Weeks
23. Barbarisms - Backwards Falconer #2
22. Sun Kil Moon - Micheline
21. Withered Hand - Life of Doubt

20. My Sad Captains - Goodbye
19. George Cosby - Cold
18. The Twilight Sad - Leave the House
17. The Mispers - Shoulder
16. Jacob Douglas - Hellion
15. Marika Hackman - Drown
14. S - Pacific
13. Sophie Jamieson - Stain
12. Dry the River - Gethsemane
11. Slow Club - Everything Is New

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Laura Marling Announces New Album 'Short Movie'

I'm not the kind of blogger to do news items, or to post the instant I hear something new. However, such is my love for Laura Marling's astounding talent that I am here breaking this pact.

Ever since hearing her debut 'Alas, I Cannot Swim' in 2008 I was hooked on her mature and beautiful songwriting style lathered in smokey vocals. Well, 6 years later with a Brit Award win and 3 Mercury nominations she has announced the follow-up to 2013's 'Once I Was an Eagle'.

'Short Movie' will be released on March 23rd via Virgin EMI, and it's title track has been unveiled through an engrossing animated video directed by Art & Graft.

Check out the tracklist and video below, via DIY Mag.

"It's a short fucking movie, man. I know, I won't try to take it slow"

Short Movie:
01 Warrior
02 False Hope
03 I Feel Your Love
04 Walk Alone
05 Strange
06 Don't Let Me Bring You Down
07 Easy
08 Gurdjieff's Daughter
09 Divine
10 How Can I
11 Howl At the Moon
12 Short Movie
13 Worship

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

UK Blog Sound 2015

It's hard to work out whether it's the decreasing quality of my memory (late 20's syndrome as I like to call it) or a genuine reflection of the increasing health of the music scene, but 2014 has been one of the best years of independent and emerging artists I can remember.

Platforms such as Tom Robinson's weekly BBC Introducing podcasts, amazing bloggers such as Goldflakepaint, When the Gramophone Rings & Breaking More Waves, Daisy Digital's ever brilliant weekly mixtapes, as well as any music blogger's trusted sources in Hype Machine & Amazing Radio, have been key touch-points for bringing brilliant up-and-coming music to my attention.

For anyone wanting to start writing a music blog, or just wanting to be able to have a bit of pithy dialogue like this - Person A: "I really like this new band called [insert new hype band name] I just heard on Radio 1, have you ever heard them?" Newly established music aficionado: "Yeah, I listened to their lead single from their debut EP 18 months ago on [insert obscure new music source]" - I'd recommend any and all of the above for broadening your musical horizons.

Being one of these irritants myself it gave me great pleasure to be asked to take part in the UK Blog Sound pole again this year; there's loads of blurb about what this is at the bottom, but the important thing is it showcases UK blogger's favorite emerging artists. Below is the 15 act strong longlist. The winner will be announced on January 2nd.

The Full Blog Sound of 2015 Longlist (In alphabetical order)

All We Are - Liverpool 3 piece who describe their music as 'psychedelic boogie'.

Black Honey - Brighton based indie band formerley known as Kill Moon

Chløë Black - Tags her music as 'goth 'n' soul'

Coasts - Indie rock band from Bristol who have comparisons with Foals

Deers - A band from Spain who first created a stir with some lo-fi demos earlier this year.

Fickle Friends - Danceable indie music from another Brighton based band.

Flyte - Classic old fashioned songwriting with an indie pop twist.

Halfrican - Glasgow based punk rock

Honne - R&B influenced electronics and soul pop.

Låpsley - Solo artist from Liverpool making downtempo electronica with a range of influences.

Prides - Synth pop group from Scotland, who performed at the Commonwealth Games

Shura - Singer songwriter and producer using synths to create a mellow pop sound.

Soak - Singer songwriter from Derry whose real name is Bridie Monds-Watson.

Sophie Jamieson - Singer songwriter who has been compared to Daughter. Was alos on last year's list.

Tei Shi - Describes her music as 'mermaid music'. Make of that what you will!

Descriptions courtesy of Breaking More Waves.

Listen to a full playlist of bands below.

What Is The Blog Sound of 2015?

The Blog Sound of 2015 poll aims to showcase some of the best new emerging artists. However, unlike the ubiquitous BBC Sound of poll, the artists nominated aren’t picked just by industry experts. Instead they’re voted for by music bloggers, a small number of whom may work in the music industry, but the majority of which are just hardcore fans who write their blogs because of their genuine passion for music, normally with no financial incentive to do so.

This poll is not about picking acts who bloggers think will be famous. The bloggers involved are asked to vote for their favourite acts, irrespective of chances of commercial success.

How The Voting Worked

This year the Blog Sound Of 2015 poll canvassed 62 UK music blogs in November 2014, the most ever since its 2011 start. It asked each one to pick its 3 favourite emerging artists and rank them in order of preference. In total 148 artists received at least 1 vote, showing the diversity of bloggers' tastes. The acts scored 3, 2 and 1 points respectively.  The bloggers could choose any artist they wanted, providing the artist had not had a top 40 hit (including as a collaborator on a song) by the time voting started and that they weren’t related to or have any financial interest in any artist they selected. Where 2 artists tied on the same number of points, the artist with the most first place votes was ranked higher.

The 15 most popular acts that form the long list include artists that are on major labels as well as indie and unsigned ones, such as Brighton based indie band Fickle Friends, fuzzy sounding Glasgow punks Halfrican, goth ‘n’ soul singer Chloe Black, recent XL signing Lapsley and singer songwriter Sophie Jamieson, an artist who appears on the list for the second time running having also appeared the previous year. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Album Review: Bear's Den - Islands

"Guard your hope with your life" 

I first discovered Bear's Den via their previous outfit Cherbourg way back in 2009. It was just prior to Mumford-mania, and in hearing the - now folk super houses - support band for a show at Kingston's iconic New Slang, I was instantly taken aback by their beautiful melodies and sincere approach to songwriting - something I'm pleased to say has changed little to date. Following Cherbourg's split, I kept an eye out for Davie's musical endeavours as I could tell that a formidable talent lay within the bearded West-London native - and I even picked him out as a one-to-watch for 2011.

Upon hearing 'Agape', the first song from his new outfit Bear's Den, (taken from the 2013 EP of the same name) I could tell that I was hearing was something special - beautiful melodies and sincere songwriting were present as they were years earlier, but this time there was added maturity and lyrical depth. The band's follow-up EP Without/Within showed  an increasing focus on musicianship and deviating to more abstract and complex song structures.

Although Islands is the band's first full length record, it feels like the culmination of years of musical journeys.

Opening with the song that started this whole journey off, 'Agape', the familiar opening banjo chords are like being welcomed to this new chapter by an old friend. It's chorus is a rousing sing-along, rich in harmonies and littered with lyrical gems of heartbreak and obsession. 'The Love That We Stole' is an incredibly well crafted Americana track, built around an off-beat guitar riff and thundering percussion. Following two former fan favourites in 'Isaac' and the newly named 'Above The Clouds of Pompeii', we hear a new track in 'Think Of England'. This lush, nostalgia laden homage to our fair isle builds beautifully over 4 minutes, leading to an eruption of brass as it fades to black, repeating the line "do you lie back, and think of England with fireworks flashing".

'Magdalene' is a re-working of one of Cherbourg's finest moments (previously called 'Never Love Again'); despite lacking some of the urgency and melodic hooks of it's previous incarnation it's pretty special to hear the former melody line from five years earlier creep through at the song's climax, as a reverberated and ghostly Davies repeats the line from his past: "I will never love again with all my heart, it just falls apart every time I try". 

For me this is where this record diverges. To this point it has featured a number of tracks already released on previous EP's or written in previous formations of the band; however, the final three tracks show glimpses of the band's future.

'Stubborn Beast' hints at darker subject matter built around Bon Iver-esque open guitar song structures. On 'Elyisium' Davie writes confessionally to his brother about the complexities of becoming a man ("brother, please never grow up"); though it is lyrically quite a downbeat affair, it's juxtapositioned by one of the most infectiously anthemic choruses on the album. Closer 'Bad Blood' is, simply put, a masterpiece, showing glimpses of further evolution in the band's songwriting. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to scare you at all, I'm just trying to drain all my bad blood"

Though in these hugely cynical times people will criticise them for being too safe, there is something so refreshing about the accessibility and genuine honesty of everything that Bear's Den do - completely devoid of pretension - and based on their ever-growing legions of fans, I'm clearly not alone.

Bear's Den - Islands: 7.5 / 10

"I don't want to know who I am without you"

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Track of the Day: Benjamin Shaw - You & Me

"So here's a line about the system, and here's a line that's quite funny. Here's a pop culture reference, and a lazy refrain.....like you and me."

Benjamin Shaw has been a master in making brilliantly challenging lo-fi music, littered with wry wit and downbeat metaphor.

His second album Goodbye' Cagoule World was released earlier this year on the ever excellent Audio Antihero label; garnering significant acclaim from the blogosphere for it's uncompromising approach and intelligent lyrics. You & Me is his second single from this release, and is a truly brilliant, and surprisingly accessible, lo-fi pop song. Catchy electronic hooks, layered with hints of guitar and Shaw's signature lackluster vocal.

He's even recruited fellow label-mates Jack Hayter, Cloud and Broken Shoulder aboard, who have all contributed their own unique take on this fantastic track to form the You & Me EP.

Here's a tongue-in-cheek message from the label included in the press release: "The idea of this single was to get Benjamin Shaw’s “You & Me” played on the radio and celebrated by blogs and magazines forevermore and maybe make us rich men – but I think it turned out pretty nice." Pretty nice, it certainly is. Go and make them rich men - you can buy the EP on Bandcamp below.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Track of the Day: SYKES – Gold Dust

When I think of long summer days with friends, it's tracks like this that I live for.... 

Glorious, warm synths and soaring, sugary melodies instantly made me take note of Sykes stunning single 'Gold Dust'. Released as a single last month it draws on the pop credentials of contemporaries such as Ladyhawke, as well a mixing in the upbeat new wave vibes which have endeared so many to Brighton five-piece Fickle Friends.

Hailing from South London the trio have been making infectious indie-pop for some time now (though the fantastic Tom Robinson has just brought them to my attention on his Introducing Mixtape), with this being the title-track taken from their 4 track EP late last year. 

More new music is on the way soon, with the band's upcoming single 'Anybody Out There' due for release on September 15th (it's currently available to pre-order here). I'm expecting big things from this exciting outfit in 2015, however, in the mean time click play and drift away into 'Gold Dust'.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Track of the Day: Coldplay & Cat Power - Wish I Was Here

Moving away from his stereotype as the goofy comical lead in HBO's Scrubs, Zach Braff carved out a name for himself with his indie masterpiece Garden State back in 2004. The film quickly became known as much for its musical credentials as it's subtle portrayal of small town America; famously breaking Albuquerque-natives, The Shins, with the prominent line "You gotta hear this one song - it'll change your life; I swear' - referring to their quirkly alt-pop track 'New Slang'.

Well there's been no shortage of artists getting on board for Braff's latest creative endeavor, the crowd-funded film, 'Wish I was Here' (released 18th July), with original tracks being written from the likes of indie stalwarts Bon Iver and a return from The Shins. The latest of these exclusives come courtesy of a beautifully low key collaborative ballad between acclaimed indie songstress Cat Power and pop powerhouse Coldplay. It's subtle piano work and lush melodies bring together two of modern music's leading voices from two different sides of the musical spectrum, in the process creating something incredibly special. Read the full story of how the track came to fruition below:

"The original tune came together when Braff gave an early cut of the film to Martin, who then gathered his band to start working on music. "Chris had the idea that it would be sung by a woman," Braff told NPR of the song, which he calls his favorite on the Wish I Was Here soundtrack (out July 15th). "I thought that was a genius idea, because one of the things the film is about is a strong woman (Kate Hudson's character) becoming the matriarch of her family. When Chris and I were talking, we both kind of simultaneously said, 'Cat Power'.
After viewing the film herself, Marshall agreed to work on the track; she recorded her vocals at New York City's Electric Lady Studios, leaving Martin and Coldplay to finish the production." (Via Rolling Stone)

Friday, 6 June 2014

Track of the Day: Slow Club - Suffering You, Suffering Me

Ever since I first heard the sweet tones of Sheffield-based duo Charles Watson & Rebecca Taylor, aka Slow Club, on the heartfelt indie ballad 'Christmas TV' I absolutely loved this band. There was a hugely likeable style to the band's sound: honest lyrics and a fun and playful nature that made them a favourite with me and so many others.

Their sound has changed significantly over the years; from the twee indie folk of Say Yes, to the electro-tinged Paradise, and now with the release of Complete Surrender, yet another evolution which has moved once more to a classic 50's soul styling.

Sophomore single, 'Suffering You, Suffering Me', features the strongest vocal performance in the band's history, with Rebecca oozing a soaring, smokey tone and a confidence which is truly stunning. Backed up with lines of roaring brass, uptempo percussion and driving melodies, it stands as a real statement for the band's upcoming album, Complete Surrender, which is due for release on July 14th.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Track of the Day: Yusuf Azak - Silver Rose

After two albums on the ever-excellent Song, by Toad records, Yusuf Azak has taken his uniquely gruff vocals and off-kilter indie-folk sound across the city to Gerry Loves Records - here he has released his third album Peace in the Underword earlier this month.

His lead single comes in the form of Silver Rose; a delicious piece of slacker rock, awash with leftfield Elliot Smith-esque guitar parts and a lackluster confidence which is effortlessly brilliant.

Anyone who's followed this intriguing talent's earlier work won't be surprised by the quality he delivers on Silver Rose, but if this track sparks interest in the rest of Azak's work, you can find his previous releases available here and his latest record Peace in the Underworld on his Bandcamp here.

Let the musical exploration begin....

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Track of the Day: Laurel - To The Hills

Whilst catching up on the last couple of months of Tom Robinson's ever-excellent 'Introducing Mixtapes' I discovered an unstoppably brilliant song which halted me in my tracks. 

After a bit of hunting I discovered it was the work of 19 year old South Coast songstress, Laurel. 'To the Hills' is the title track from her new EP released last month, and is a real statement of intent for what this promising artist is all about. Soaring strings, pulsing base and a towering vocal display (highly reminiscent of Lana del Ray) make for one of the most exciting pop tracks of the year.

Watch the video directed by Ben Newbury, which was inspired by Raymond Carver's short story Why Don't You Dance.  

Monday, 7 April 2014

Track of the Day: First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining

In 2012 the Swedish duo consisting of sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg released one of the stand out album's of the year, with their Americana masterpiece 'The Lion's Roar'. It was a record which demonstrated the quality of the pair's melancholic songwriting, and, where many other contemporaries have failed, genuinely managed to recapture some of the magic of late 60's folk.

With a new album entitled 'Stay Gold' out on June 2nd on Columbia; they're back with the record's lead single 'My Silver Lining'. Although sonically it's fairly similar to their previous record, it's a really strong track, and a taste of what to expect in the coming months from the hugely exciting siblings.

'I won't take the easy road'

Track of the Day: Sophie Jamieson - Stain

I first heard Sophie Jamieson earlier this year; I came across her stunning track 'Waterloo' which she released last summer on the ever-wonderful Folkroom Records. I was instantly drawn in by her haunting vocal (reminiscent of Daughter's output) and her direct lyric style. I'm delighted to hear that the hugely talented youngster is back with a new track entitled 'Stain' out now on Luv Luv Luv.

Jamieson's vulnerable and emotive vocal floats hauntingly over the spacious, stripped-back acoustic guitar make for a truly absorbing track. It's sparse, destructive, yet oh-so beautiful.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Track of the Day: Eliza and the Bear - Brother's Boat

Today's TOTD is courtesy of the lush sounds of London indie pop five-piece, Eliza and the Bear.

With 'Brother's Boat' official release due on April 28th on Mi Familia Music, they have today released the track's video (see below).

I recently caught the band at St. Stephen's Church on their recent Communion Records New Faces tour and was blown away by their exuberant set; full of youth, energy and harmony.

It's been a big 6 months for the rising with support shows for Imagine Dragons and Paramore, as well as their single 'It Gets Cold' being voted 'Hottest Record in the World' by Zane Lowe, and gaining extensive coverage through it's use in the Sochi Winter Olympics.

'Brother's Boat' is a huge pop track, built around its infectious melodic hook, staccato guitars and a huge rising swell of brass breaking in the track's anthemic climax. According to singer James Kellegher, it's a track about 'growing old too quickly, and feeling that your body and life are getting away from you'.

The band are heading out on tour with AWOLNATION, so you can catch them at the following dates:

26th - Trinity - Bristol
28th - Institute Library - Birmingham
29th - Club Academy - Manchester
30th - O2 Shepherds Bush Empire - London
31st - Waterfront - Norwich

Friday, 7 March 2014

Track of the Day: We Came From Wolves - Paradise Place

Mellowed. That's how I'd describe the evolution of my music taste over the past decade. Whether that's a reflection of the way the wider industry has changed over that time, or just me aging ten years from a (mildly) angsty teenager to a man in his mid-twenties is up for debate. However, every so often a more "rock" track comes along and makes me wonder why I ever turned my back on it in the first place. 'Paradise Place' by We Came From Wolves encompasses that.

The Glasgow four-piece write punchy, yet melodic rock; layered with angular guitar parts, huge choruses with lilting accent-ridden vocals and a percussion section which keeps the whole ship on track. Yes, there are similarities to genre powerhouses Biffy Clyro, but when they're widely loved by fans and critics alike, that's no bad comparison.

The band's second EP, also named Paradise Place, was out on March 3rd via Saraseto Records. If you like what you hear you can download it from their Soundcloud here, or go see them on their UK tour - detail are on their Facebook.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Track of the Day: Max Jury - Christian Eyes

Atmospheric, nostalgic and distinctly American.

Though these are only the first glimpses into the career of Max Jury, they expose a talent and promise which look to be the makings of a star.

The 21 year-old from Des Moines, Iowa has composed his debut EP Something In The Air. Over its three tracks the country tinged masterpiece intricately details blue-colour life in nowhere America.

There's an effortless beauty to his songwriting; characterised by his vulnerable vocal works and spacial musicianship. The young musician has just released the video for his lead single 'Christian Eyes'. A beautiful lament to young relationships - Max doesn't rest on his laurels - picking out a George Harrison-esque guitar solo and honky tonky pianos over the crooning ballad.

Something In The Air is due out in April - in the mean time, check out 'Christian Eyes' below:

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Track of the Day: Night Beds - Head for the Hills

Night Beds were arguably my favorite new musical discovery of 2013. The band's indie-americana tones fronted by Yellen's lamented lyrics made for truly compulsive listening on their debut LP, Country Sleep. Their live performance at The Borderline was one of my favorite shows of the year too, showcasing the haunting beauty of their enigmatic frontman's vocals.

I'm delighted to hear new material from the band with their new single 'Head for the Hills'. Once more, a stunning piece of alt-indie songwriting, built around their signature loose guitar tone, simple, climaxing percussion and Yellen's vulnerable melodies; rounding of the Tennessee outfit's alluring sound.

There's no information on a new album or EP, so for now the below will have to do. And do, it does.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Track of the Day: S. Carey - Fire-Scene

Jagjaguwar, is a label who's output consistently stops me in my tracks. Whether it's Bon Iver's (and more recently Volcano Choir's) seminal debut and self-titled sophomore effort, Sharon Van Etten 2012 masterpiece 'Tramp' or anything from Okkervil River's incredible back catalogue - this label has been responsible for some of my favourite records of the past decade. So when I open an email concerning a new track from Jagjaguwar label-mate S. Carey, I do it with an air of expectation....once more, I am stunned.

Based in Wisconsin, the multi-instrumentalist S. Carey (Sean Carey) gained a name for himself for his work with Justin Vernon - providing thundering percussion and the lush harmonies which gave Bon Iver it's signature sound - however, on new track 'Fire-scene' he makes a statement of intent, illustrating the formidable songwriting talent which he himself poses. Centring around Carey's gorgeous, lofty melodies, delicate finger-picked acoustic guitar, rolling double bass and minimalist piano. There's a panoramic natural beauty to the track. Ambient sounds resembling footsteps through a field of tall grass, and the spaces that stand between, take you away to somewhere truly special.

The track is taken from Range of Light (out March 31st), the songsmith's follow up to his 2010 debut All We Grow. Expect big things.

Range of Light tracklist:
1. Glass/Film
2. Creaking
3. Crown The Pines
4. Fire-Scene
5. Radiant 
6. Alpenglow
7. Fleeting Light
8. The Dome 
9. Neverending Fountain  

The city's fire
Trapped behind the earth
Digging in your deepest dirt
The reddest hue
Reminds you of you
Clinging love and falling true
On and On
All I want is honesty
Tree has snapped
Sparks are flying everywhere
Cables burnt and lines flare
And when the all in all
Comes falling down
It was just an accident
Something you can't help
On and On
All I want is hone.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Track of the Day: Rae Morris - Skin

Rae Morris, simply put, has all the making of one of 2014's most exciting talents. 

At just 18 years old, she's managed to cram an impressive amount into her fledgling career; her track 'Don't Go' was used in the final ever scene of Skins, she supported the likes of Lianne La Havas & Noah and the Whale, Appeared on material from Bombay Bicycle Club, put out three EP's of her own AND managed to get herself signed to Atlantic Records. Not bad from the Blackpool-native.

With the release of her new track, 'Skin', taken from her upcoming debut album (details to be announced) due out this summer, there's clearly no sign of her her slowing down in 2014. The track received it's first play from Zane Lowe, a man who clearly values the maturity and depth she wields to create beautifully simple left field pop. Here's what the girl herself had to say about 'Skin':

'Skin is so simple and honest. There's nothing over complicated about human instincts and emotion. Recording it with Ariel Rechtshaid, and making the whole album, was very similar to Skin; a natural and uncomplicated process around amazing people and super talented musicians. I think after recording this song, the sound for the rest of the record became really clear.' 

The track is available to download for free here  www.raemorris.co.uk

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lemonfest Announces 2014 Headliners

Following a hugely successful 2013, the gem of the UK’s one-day festival crown is back at Newton Abbot Racecourse, on Saturday 31st May, for its 5th year – and is set to be bigger & better than ever.

Exciting Leeds 9-piece Gentleman’s Dub Club, will be bringing their exhilarating live performance to Lemonfest’s Main Stage; alongside a showcase of established acts and the most promising up-and-coming artists, both locally and nationally.

Our first wave of artists also includes an array of talent, such as Bristol electronica quintet The Other Tribe, UK festival favourites Mad Dog Mcrea, plus Will and the People, Owen Penrice, and Moriaty, to name a few - with many more acts & stages to be announced, including some very special guests…

Tickets – Earlybird General Admission Tickets are just £16. Available here.



‘A little slice of musical madness in South Devon.’ – Topman [Lemonfest was named in Topman’s ‘Top 25 Festivals of 2013]

‘A temptingly cheap but tasty one-dayer’ The Telegraph

‘South Devon's biggest music festival’ 24/7 Magazine

Lemonfest is a one-day music festival taking place every summer in Newton Abbot, with live music & DJs across 5 stages, from midday until 11pm. Now celebrating its 5th year, Lemonfest has established itself as South Devon’s premier live music event.

Previous acts at the festival have included LUCY ROSE, BEN HOWARD, HARD-FI, REEF, TOPLOADER, THE SKINTS, COSMO JARVIS, LUKE FRIEND and many more; providing an array of local and national talent to keep everyone entertained.

It’s not all about the main stage however, with live music and DJs performing across the different arenas: including the Lemonfest Locally Grown stage – a showcase for up and coming local talent, The Big Top Dance Tent – with house & electronic DJs until late, and the Rinse:Out Drum and Bass / Dubstep Arena – which has previously featured the likes of NICKY BLACKMARKET, SUB ZERO, and MC HARRY SHOTTA.

With tickets starting out at just £16, it’s unbelievable value for unbelievable talent.