Friday, 7 March 2014

Track of the Day: We Came From Wolves - Paradise Place

Mellowed. That's how I'd describe the evolution of my music taste over the past decade. Whether that's a reflection of the way the wider industry has changed over that time, or just me aging ten years from a (mildly) angsty teenager to a man in his mid-twenties is up for debate. However, every so often a more "rock" track comes along and makes me wonder why I ever turned my back on it in the first place. 'Paradise Place' by We Came From Wolves encompasses that.

The Glasgow four-piece write punchy, yet melodic rock; layered with angular guitar parts, huge choruses with lilting accent-ridden vocals and a percussion section which keeps the whole ship on track. Yes, there are similarities to genre powerhouses Biffy Clyro, but when they're widely loved by fans and critics alike, that's no bad comparison.

The band's second EP, also named Paradise Place, was out on March 3rd via Saraseto Records. If you like what you hear you can download it from their Soundcloud here, or go see them on their UK tour - detail are on their Facebook.

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