Friday, 6 June 2014

Track of the Day: Slow Club - Suffering You, Suffering Me

Ever since I first heard the sweet tones of Sheffield-based duo Charles Watson & Rebecca Taylor, aka Slow Club, on the heartfelt indie ballad 'Christmas TV' I absolutely loved this band. There was a hugely likeable style to the band's sound: honest lyrics and a fun and playful nature that made them a favourite with me and so many others.

Their sound has changed significantly over the years; from the twee indie folk of Say Yes, to the electro-tinged Paradise, and now with the release of Complete Surrender, yet another evolution which has moved once more to a classic 50's soul styling.

Sophomore single, 'Suffering You, Suffering Me', features the strongest vocal performance in the band's history, with Rebecca oozing a soaring, smokey tone and a confidence which is truly stunning. Backed up with lines of roaring brass, uptempo percussion and driving melodies, it stands as a real statement for the band's upcoming album, Complete Surrender, which is due for release on July 14th.

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