Monday, 2 November 2015

Track of the Day: Frog - Rubbernecking

2015 has been quite a year for Frog, with the Queens-based two-piece already earning a swath of new fans with their captivating debut full length 'Kind of Blah' which was released to considerable and thoroughly deserved acclaim on the every-brilliant Audio Antihero label (read my full review of the album here).

However, prior to this LP the duo showcased their fuzzy guitar pop on a self-titled mini-album in 2013 on the now defunct Brooklyn imprint Monkfish Records. Though the release made few waves at the time (besides DiS proclaiming it "the best American guitar record of the year"), Audio Antihero saw what a rough diamond it was and off the back of the band's new cult following and upcoming UK tour decided it was well deserving of a re-release - which includes limited edition run of 50 brilliant green tapes.

Taken from this mini-album is today's Track of the Day;  the brilliantly macabre and infectiously catchy 'Rubbernecking'.

You can buy it on tape with a lossless digital download for £3 here

"Backed up down the country lane
the ambulance screams out of frame

The scent of death, it beckons as you drive away
fuck with baby just don’t tell me your name
shhh a second won’t you tell me where you came from
just a second
just a second.

The scent of death it beckons as you drive away
last night i fucking killed a man
last night i fucking killed a man
and you know it didn’t change shit
and you know it didn’t change anything.

Theres a fire in the minivan
and the gasoline stains on your little hands
its just rubbernecking, failure beckons
you go to work, and iron your shirt
and count the seconds where all your records
don’t do dirt and hike your skirt up.

It's an old black tone coming through this microphone
the melody man, i don't know the truth be told, it might be thousands of years old."