Saturday, 13 September 2014

Track of the Day: Benjamin Shaw - You & Me

"So here's a line about the system, and here's a line that's quite funny. Here's a pop culture reference, and a lazy you and me."

Benjamin Shaw has been a master in making brilliantly challenging lo-fi music, littered with wry wit and downbeat metaphor.

His second album Goodbye' Cagoule World was released earlier this year on the ever excellent Audio Antihero label; garnering significant acclaim from the blogosphere for it's uncompromising approach and intelligent lyrics. You & Me is his second single from this release, and is a truly brilliant, and surprisingly accessible, lo-fi pop song. Catchy electronic hooks, layered with hints of guitar and Shaw's signature lackluster vocal.

He's even recruited fellow label-mates Jack Hayter, Cloud and Broken Shoulder aboard, who have all contributed their own unique take on this fantastic track to form the You & Me EP.

Here's a tongue-in-cheek message from the label included in the press release: "The idea of this single was to get Benjamin Shaw’s “You & Me” played on the radio and celebrated by blogs and magazines forevermore and maybe make us rich men – but I think it turned out pretty nice." Pretty nice, it certainly is. Go and make them rich men - you can buy the EP on Bandcamp below.