Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Track of the Day: Night Beds - Head for the Hills

Night Beds were arguably my favorite new musical discovery of 2013. The band's indie-americana tones fronted by Yellen's lamented lyrics made for truly compulsive listening on their debut LP, Country Sleep. Their live performance at The Borderline was one of my favorite shows of the year too, showcasing the haunting beauty of their enigmatic frontman's vocals.

I'm delighted to hear new material from the band with their new single 'Head for the Hills'. Once more, a stunning piece of alt-indie songwriting, built around their signature loose guitar tone, simple, climaxing percussion and Yellen's vulnerable melodies; rounding of the Tennessee outfit's alluring sound.

There's no information on a new album or EP, so for now the below will have to do. And do, it does.

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