Tuesday, 12 April 2016

I'M BACK! Here's my 2016 so far....

It's been a fair ol' while since I last let you guys know the nuances of which tracks have been filling my headphones on the morning commute, and I can't apologise enough for that fact. To use a valid but vastly overused and painfully emo cliché, "life got in the way". One exciting part of the aforementioned life however, is My Little Empire Records; an indie label which I started around a year ago with a friend, putting out two EP's by two brilliant acts called Easy Kill and Why We Love thus far in 2016.

Anyway, below is a selection of tracks which it's well worth you guys checking out - full disclosure both acts from our roster appear, but you know what, they are in my favourite tracks of the year, so it simply wouldn't be right to leave them out.

I'll be posting more frequently going forward (famous last words) and will obviously actually write some narrative around future tracks too - just didn't want to look forward without looking back at some of the gems which 2016 has already given us.

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