Monday, 6 January 2014

Track of the Day: Small Houses - I Saw Santa Fe

Whenever people question why a music blogger does what they do (essentially give up a lot of their free time to promote other people's work, for no financial reward) - I explain that the reward is in the music.

Admittedly this sometimes feels a long way off, but then a song like this comes out of nowhere and just knocks you off your feet.....

'I Saw Santa Fe' is a truly stunning track taken off Small Houses upcoming album Exactly Where You Wanted To Be; out February 26th on Yer Bird Records.

The 8-track record is the creation of Michigan native Jeremy Quentin and shows this hugely talented and understated songwriter's indie-folk craft. On 'I Saw Santa Fe' his delicate and wounded vocals sit above a bed of simple isolated piano, building to emotional climaxes before gently subsiding. It's nostalgia drenched, but timeless...

If you listen to nothing else on my blog, make it this.

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