Monday, 19 August 2013

Track of the Day: Wintercoast - The Andes

I first heard of Wintercoast way back in 2011. I was working in Vancouver as a music promoter for a small, indie music label, and through hours of listening to some fairly sub-par local music (though there is an abundance of really great local music there too), I stumbled upon Wintercoast's debut EP Trees, Homes & Better Places. To put it I was frankly, I was blown away. Their indie-folk style was lusciously built around the quirky vocal interplay between Sylvie and Andrei, and for that they built a devoted local fanbase.

Following two years of near musical silence, the band have returned. Though their numbers are depleted (they now operate as a three-piece), their sound has evolved and grown dramatically. Whereas before their was a Slow Club-esque folky, innocence about the band, they appear to have done considerable growing up and growing darker over their hibernation.

With a full album on the way in the coming months, The Andes is a mission statement of the new direction which the band are taking. I, for one, much like two years earlier, am blown away.

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