Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Track of the Day: Frightened Rabbit - Default Blues

What a truly incredible year Frightened Rabbit are having... 

The Selkirk quintet released their fourth album 'Pedestrian Verse' earlier this year; justifiably earning universal acclaim and impressively peaking at number nine in the UK charts. Since then they've gone on two release two follow up EPs, completed a sold-out Australian tour, and have even earnt themselves upcoming support slots for indie-rock royalty,The National.

Well to top all this off, Hutchinson & co are giving us more musical delight in the form of 'The Woodpile EP'. Due for release September 2nd it's titled after the lead single from 'Pedestrian Verse', and features this track as well as three brand new tracks (see track listings below). Today's TOTD is 'Default Blues', a driving, confident indie rocker, with the intellegence and wit which we've come to expect.

Speaking about the new release, singer Scott Hutchinson says – “The Woodpile is about that night you felt utterly out of place, alone, awkward and cornered. All any of us want in those instances is for someone we care about to come and take us away from it all. It's escapist, but also claustrophobic in places. I like the idea of contrasting a big, confident piece of music with lyrics that express uncertainty and vulnerability. 

1) The Woodpile
2) Default Blues
3) Radio Silence
4) Candlelit

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