Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Frank Turner - I Am Disappeared

Wow, what a week for new music; Admiral Fallow and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart album releases yesterday, and a new Death Cab single this morning. Now this. Frank Turner is truly the Holy Grail in new releases for me. He leaked this song on his youtube channel; his first proper release (following the live release of 'If Ever I Stray') from his up and coming album 'May England Keep My Bones', a quote taken from Shakespeare's The Life and Death of King John. The album is due for release on June 6th.

Image thanks to Music Snob
So now on to the song. I've listened to in about 8 times in a row, and I've got to say, it really is a grower. In true Frank Turner style, it is an auto-biographical track describing a dream he had about Bob Dylan. As he said when I saw him live, it actually ended up being quite a boring dream, so he made up a more exciting ending and turned it into a song. A particular highlight is the palm-muted guitar ending as Frank exclaims 'come morning, I am disappeared. Just an imprint, on the bedsheets.' Following this the song kicks back in to it's familiar fast paced rhythm explaining Frank's escape 'into the sun rise'.

To me, this song is not as interesting a track as his previous live release ('If Ever I Stray' listen here), which felt like a bigger step away from his previous work to a more Rock N' Roll style. With that being said, it's still a great song which has only fueled my excitement for his upcoming album.


  1. Just listened about 5 times in a row....love it :)

  2. Frank Turner always a winner, his style is def changing with every release but I still do have great love for the earlier work such as Fathers day and Photosynthesis