Saturday, 5 March 2011

Artists to look out for in 2011 - Part 2

So you've read the last part and are probably kicking back with some Admiral Fallow or Andrew Davie whilst you're reading this - don't you worry, I have plenty more musical Inspiration for you. Next up:

3 - Tubelord

Image thanks to The Line of Best Fit

Now there may be a little bit of bias in this selection as these boys are from Kingston (where I went to uni), so I was exposed heavily to them. Regardless of that, I think they are bloody brilliant!

A long way from the quiet, subdued folk pop sounds of the previous two entries; Tubelord rock hard and fast. The bands sound is easily distinguishable by their songs intricate and complex structures - often changing in structure and speed - yet somehow remaining strangely catchy. Their first album, 2009's 'Our First American Friends' is an absolute gem. Released on independent label: Hassle Records, it is a fast paced album with lyrical themes often humorous and just the right side of emo ('Oh fuck it i'll take one [...pill], and join the grins too. I'll trade morale for hypocrisy and connect to you').

I caught these guys at Glastonbury (I was one of few people, as most were drawn to the to the bright lights of Snoop Dogg who was playing at the same time) and was very impressed with their live shows. It was a very high energy performance, and they proved themselves as talented musicians keeping up with the albums tight sound. Check them out here.

For fans of - Tellison, Reuben and DARTZ!.

2 - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Image thanks to Broklyn Vegan

Moving on from a band with one of the worst names ever (I mean seriously, what is a Tubelord?!), is one with arguably the most pretentious. Now there is something about this band that is a little bit twee and pretentious (I mean I got the photo of the band from a site called Brooklyn Vegan, for christ's sake). Despite this though I can't help but love their music.

This indie/pop four-piece hail from New York, and their self titled album was one of my favorites of the last couple of years. Filled with catchy low-fi tracks which have a kind of Smiths-esque sound at times, yet, in decidedly un-Smiths fashion, still sound throughly positive. What is so special about this band is the way often mix melancholic verses which erupt in to uplifting chorus', made all the more special by the beautiful combination of Kip and Peggy's voices.

The band's follow up album 'Belong' is being released on Slumberland, and is due out on the March 29. I really feel that if they play their cards right on this this effort, it may take them into the big leagues. Listen to the pre-released album title track below (and check out the rest of their stuff here):

For fans of -  The Naked and Famous, Los Campesinos! and The Smiths.

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  1. I went to Kingston too, even lived with you, and never heard of Tubelord once! Bizarre name though, I wonder if it has any connection to YouTube and other such sites?