Saturday, 26 February 2011

5 albums to get excited about in 2011 - Part 3

Next up, a band which I will unfortunately say that I was a little slow on the uptake with. I had been advised numerous times to give them a listen, or that 'i'd really like them', however, it has taken until recently for me to get round to it. They are without doubt the best band you've never heard of. Anyway, I will relieve you from the edge of your seat and let you know the band I am talking about is:

    3. Okkervil River
Image credit to JP's Blog

These Texas natives, fronted by Will Sheff, are my favorite new band discovery - and with a back catalogue spanning 11 years, there's no shortage of material to catch up on. If you have not checked these guys out then I strongly advise you get involved now (but of course finish reading this blog first). Their sound is encapsulated in stark indie/folk anthems with intricate instrumentation and truly striking lyrics. I can honestly say that I believe Will Sheff to be one of the finest lyricists in the business, and if you need proof just listen to this beauty here.

Their latest album 'I Am Very Far' is due for release on the 10th of May on Jagaguar records. This their sixth album will be a follow up to 2008's excellent: 'The Stand Ins'. The bands sound has changed dramatically over the past decade becoming far more commercial and accessible, mainly due to the maturity of Sheff's voice. Despite this the band has firmly maintained it's integrity. These changes have led to an ever increasing fan base, and with performances on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and notable collaborations with Roky Erickson there are many promising signs for the future of Okkervil River.

If you fancy a sneak peak of what to expect from the new album listen to the first single 'Mermaid' below.

                                    'And the days all float by and the days over waves,
                                       under sky and the weeks slowly leak into years.
                                             The last islands are all left behind.'


  1. We will always regret not seeing them at EOTR! Such a great new find though <3

  2. That song is so down to earth. I really like Mumford and Sons so it's really nice to be introduced to another band in the same league with them. Nice one :)

  3. Thanks for the comment :) Yeah, Sophie they are amazing. I seriously advise you check out some of their albums ('Stage Names' is awesome). Also, really good early song from them: 'The War Criminal Rises and Speaks'.

  4. haha. Okkervil River in the same league as Mumford & Sons?! M&S being those stage school kids with ONE ALBUM?! C'mon Sophie Bray, be real.