Thursday, 24 February 2011

5 albums to get excited about in 2011 - Part 2

Moving smoothly on from Frank Turner is the the band whos singers other band were once covered by Mr Turner..... you follow? No? Okay. Well for you fans of tenuous links just click here to hear what i'm talking about.

    2. Death Cab For Cutie

Image credit to Chart Attack

In attempt to make me feel old, Death Cab will be releasing their SEVENTH studio album on the 31st May!
'Codes and Keys' will be the bands first album release since 2008's 'Narrow Stairs'. It promises to be a change of sound with the Washington quartet, setting down their guitars for a more synth based sound. This is not to say that guitars hold not place on this record, but that they will use a wider array of instruments, with synths and strings occupying a lot of the sonic space. To see Zane Lowe interviewing Chris Walla about the album, click here
     Another substantial change is at the production stage of this record. The normal process of band member Chris Walla do the albums mixing was changed in this effort in favour of producer Alan Moulder (The Killers, Nine Inch Nail and The Smashing Pumpkins). It'll be difficult for Death Cab to replicate the success of their previous effort ('Narrow Stairs'), which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, but this records marks an ambitious new era for one of alternative musics most consistently brilliant bands.

To get you sufficiently excited for this release, why not listen to the video below: Little Bribes, taken from their (post 'Narrow Stairs') EP 'The Open Door'

'You said this city has a beating heart,
that pushes people down the boulevard'

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