Sunday, 3 February 2013

Track of the Day: Misty Miller - Girlfriend

Sunday is normally seen as the day of rest, but today's TOTD comes in the upbeat and raucous package of indie-rock songstress Misty Miller.

At just 15 year old Misty released her self-titled debut on AWAL records back in 2011, achieving significant commercial success and acclaim. In just a couple of years Misty has done some significant growing up; moving away from the ukulele inspired acoustic-pop of her debut to find a lo-fi garage rock sound on the title-track of her upcoming EP, Girlfriend.

Out on February 25th on Sony label Relentless; this promises to be an sensational EP, packed with Iggy-inspired 70's rock and roll anthems.

The tracklisting for the EP is:
1. Girlfriend
2. You Know What I Mean
3. Devil
4. Lonesome Cowboy
5. Little Drummer

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