Friday, 23 December 2011

The Evening's Empire - Top 20 Tracks of 2011 (15 - 11)

Following swiftly on from my earlier post, prepare for another selection of fine music and even.... *pause for effect* a little bit of hip hop.

15.   Wolf Gang - Lions In Cages

I first heard this song on the radio whilst I was driving through the National Parks of Southern Utah; so admittedly it does perhaps have that added positive sentiment.

Regardless, I instantly loved this track and it will certainly go down as one of my most played this year, despite the fact it was October before I first heard it. Catchy Indie Pop at its best.

14.   Childish Gambino - Outside

Now I will openly admit that I was very late to the Gambino bandwagon. It seemed that every end of year list I read featured this young talent, so I thought I'd give him a try.

About 1 minute 24 into the album's opener ('Outside'), I fully understood the hype. Whitty, cutting lyrics, huge beats and an absolutely game-stopping chorus makes for what is a truly spectacular song.

13.   Okkervil River - Wake And Be Fine

I'm a huge Okkervil River fan, and consider Will Sheff to be one of the finest lyricists in alternative music; which meant I was hugely excited that 2011 saw the release of OR's sixth studio album, I Am Very Far. A change of sound with a touch of class.

'Wake and be Fine' is a highlight on an album rich with highlights. Sheff's vocals have never sounded stronger, matched with superb lyrics

12.   Kurt Vile -Jesus Fever

What a year it's been for Kurt Vile. His album Smoke Ring For My Halo was released to widespread critical acclaim. His lo-fi, roots driven rock has drawn similarities to Bruce Springsteen and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

'Jesus Fever' is Vile at his best. Emotive lyrics, simple guitar work and a grungy vocal line come together to create something really special.

11.   The Antlers - I Don't Want Love

 Hospice was truly remarkable. A concept album built heavily around an abusive relationship. Their sound has developed on Burst Apart; the tracks are larger and more heavily produced, but the starkness remains.

'I Don't Want Love' is a beautifully simple track about a sexual relationship, where one person just wants no further part in it, but can't help but keep coming back. 'So if I see you again, desperate and stoned, keep your prison locked up, and I will leave my gun at home.'


  1. It's good to hear some new music that I otherwise wouldn't probably come across. Good post :) Hope you're enjoying your trip! x